Three levers for building winning cooperation

Three levers for building winning cooperation

Appreciate the benefits of cooperation over confrontation and learn suitable tools to help you overcome disagreements.

Cegos Training
Updated Nov 20, 2018

Your personal attitude and your goodwill are absolutely indispensable in cooperating effectively with your partners. But they are not enough on their own! Adding some tools and methods to your existing qualities will help you to cooperate more effectively. To help yourself and others succeed in your projects you will look at the issues involved in cooperation and how to implement it in practice.

This course will cover:

  • Understanding the usefulness of adopting a cooperative attitude.
  • Using a method to identify the limitations of your cooperation with each of your colleagues.
  • Overcoming the main obstacles to implementing cooperative relationships.

Target Audience

Anyone whose job is dependent on building successful relationships.


PMI accreditation: earn 0.5 PDU points from PMI.