The Pressure Curve

The Pressure Curve

This course about the pressure curve will help you understand and manage the pressure you're under at work

Updated May 07, 2020

Pressure and stress are two different things but people do easily get confused by the differences. The pressure curve graph will help you understand the relationship between the two.
The Skillshub Pressure Curve course looks at the three zones that we experience in response to the amount of stimulation provided by increasing amounts of pressure. This course shows that if you ignore warning signs, you can easily fall down the wrong part quickly.
This course has been structured into three short sections: firstly, a learning video, secondly, action-based resources and finally, a quick 3 question quiz to make sure you have fully understood the learning, which has been developed by experienced learning and development specialists.
Once this course has been completed, you will be able to identify whereabouts you sit on the curve and what you can do to get yourself in a better position.