The Interviewing Process (Part 6 of 7): Interviewing Tips

The Interviewing Process (Part 6 of 7): Interviewing Tips

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Updated Feb 11, 2019
Welcome to the "Interviewing Process" video series. This is the sixth video lesson in a series of seven, and it provides tips on how to address the candidate, how much to talk, what to talk about, and how to take good notes. When organizations decide to reject a prospective employee, it’s not always because the applicant was the wrong person. Sometimes it’s because it was a bad interview. As a result, managers and supervisors who don’t know how to conduct good interviews often miss out on hiring quality employees. This video series will help you put a solid process in place and will allow you to provide the best interview, not just for the potential employee or yourself, but for your company as a whole. It will be meaningful for new and existing supervisors, managers, and general HR staff.