The Effective Leader's Guide to Receiving Feedback

The Effective Leader's Guide to Receiving Feedback

Enspark Interactive
Updated Aug 07, 2018

Do you look at Feedback as a positive or a negative thing? The truth is, it can be both depending on how it is delivered and how it is received. Feedback is a give and take experience. It is a valuable part of improving business processes, products, services, and even your own personal growth. How you, as a leader, receive that feedback sets the stage for either continued feedback, or no feedback at all. In this course you will learn how to graciously and effectively receive feedback in a way that gets results. You will also learn about the "feedback filter" and how to create a valuable feedback rich environment in your company, division, or team.

Learning Objectives

Identify ways to encourage open and honest feedback in your organization

Time to Complete

30 Minutes