The Courageous Leader (Part 2): Being Courageous

The Courageous Leader (Part 2): Being Courageous

Global Ethics University
Updated Jun 17, 2019

Course Overview

The courageous leader needs to have the ability to face difficulty uncertainty or pain without being overcome by fear or intimidated by consequences. The Courageous Leader is a powerful fundamental ethics course geared specifically for business leaders who want to build solid organizations that uphold strong ethical and moral values. This section helps leaders understand what they need to successful and how to avoid the pitfall that come with a lack of courageous leadership. This section shows what courageous leaders need discussed the four major dilemmas and helps define a courageous leader's action plan.

Target Audience

All audiences Leaders Managers Executives Business Owners

Learning Objectives

  • Exemplifying what courageous leaders need
  • Discusses the four major dilemmas
  • Defines a courageous leader's action plan.

Business Outcomes

Equip managers executives and business owners to build an ethical culture in the workplace.


11 minutes