The Complete Wedding Photographer Experience

The Complete Wedding Photographer Experience

Updated Mar 15, 2019


  • Create an effective business plan

  • Market your business on social media platforms

  • Work with other vendors to get free marketing opportunities

  • Establish your pricing and communicate it to potential clients

  • Get natural-looking poses from your subjects

  • Leverage natural light so everyone looks gorgeous

  • Cull, edit, and perfect your images in post-production


Being a wedding photographer is stressful work. Your clients’ wedding day is one of the most important moments of their lives. They’ve invested a tremendous amount of time, money, and emotional energy preparing for the one big day, and now they’re counting on you to deliver gorgeous, memorable images of this special day. But if you’re up for the challenge, wedding photography can also be incredibly lucrative, satisfying, and fun.

This comprehensive, 30-day bootcamp is designed to provide you with all the wedding photography tips and tools you need to start, run, and grow a successful business. Taught by renowned professional photographer Jasmine Star, this course will prepare you for both the expected and unexpected, and give you the confidence you need to be the best you can be.

This class will help you:

  • Publicize your business and attract new clients.

  • Gain the confidence you need to sell yourself to potential clients.

  • Build a referral network to expand your business.

  • Figure out your photographic style and capitalize on it.

  • Prepare for all the different aspects of an engagement and wedding shoot.

  • Deal with unexpected events and shoot under pressure.

Jasmine will cover all of the critical business aspects of wedding photography, including developing a detailed business plan, marketing your talents, and setting your prices. She’ll take you on a real wedding event where you can see first-hand how to shoot that special day, including advice on posing, lighting, and timing. By the end of this intensive course, you’ll be ready to develop a rewarding career as a wedding photographer.


  • People wanting to start or grow their wedding photography business.

  • Those who want to stand out in a crowded market, win new clients, and convey their worth as full-time wedding photographers.

  • Those who want to build strong, trusting relationships with clients so they will recommend you to their friends and family members.

  • Photographers wishing to gain the confidence they need to shoot under pressure and deliver perfect, beautiful, meaningful images when it really counts.