The Benefits Of A Lunchtime Walk

The Benefits Of A Lunchtime Walk

Stay engaged and productive in your workday by understanding the benefits of taking a lunchtime walk

Updated May 07, 2020

Its easy to get tied down with task after task during your daily working life, but how can taking a short walk at lunch help you mentally prepare for the afternoon ahead?
The Skillshub Benefits of a Lunchtime Walk focuses on how a short five to ten-minute walk during your day can assist with your mental health and resilience. You will learn about the health benefits that taking a short walk at lunch time can support your wellbeing.
This course has been structured into three short sections: firstly, a learning video, secondly, action-based resources and finally, a quick 3 question quiz to make sure you have fully understood the learning, which has been developed by experienced learning and development specialists.
Once the course is completed, you will be able to make your mind up if introducing a walk during your working day can help you be more proactive and stimulated during the afternoon.