The Agriculture Industry Overview: Version 4

The Agriculture Industry Overview: Version 4

Updated Mar 19, 2018
The agriculture industry supplies a wide variety of food products and plant-derived renewable energy sources globally. With several subsidiary industries connected to and depending upon the agriculture industry, it continues to be one of the largest industries in the world and one of the most important for human existence. It's also one of the most vulnerable to changes in economic and political climate, market dynamics, and weather adversities. Growth in global demand over recent years has outpaced supply throughout the world, resulting in spiraling food prices. With scarce land and water resources, demands for alternative use of land, rampant urbanization, and climate change concerns, food security is at the top of the agenda for many national governments. However, industry players are adopting unique strategies and moving forward to overcome these challenges. This course is designed to help learners understand key concepts, terminology, issues, and challenges associated with the agriculture industry, and strategies employed to meet some of those challenges. It will identify the main sectors of the agriculture industry and its business drivers, and review the key aspects of the industry business model, its competitive environment, and current trends. This course was updated in 2015.