The 34 Individual Strengths Assessment (by Gallup)

The 34 Individual Strengths Assessment (by Gallup)

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Updated Jan 18, 2021

From strategic thinking and influencing to relationship building and executing big ideas. This is the list of strengths that every business needs in the optimal mix among its people to grow and thrive.

It’s the complete list of Gallup’s 34 Clifton Strengths. And it’s one of the tools used in strengths coaching and strengths-based development for businesses.

Why? Because businesses today are really struggling with low employee engagement – how passionate and committed people are in their jobs – which leads to low productivity, high staff turnover and loss of profits.

Conservative estimates by analytics and advisory pros Gallup is that globally only 30% of employees are really engaged at work. But new research by labour analysts ADP Research Institue says it’s much lower: only 16% of employee fully engaged at work.

That means less than 2 out of every 10 people in every company are actually giving it their all.