The 10 Day Sleep Challenge

The 10 Day Sleep Challenge

Recognize the 4 pillars of great sleep and how to use a sleep diary correctly.

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Updated May 21, 2020

Overcoming insomnia or other sleep problem can take time and the first step is to figure out the real root of your sleep problems which is why The 10 Day Sleep Challenge has been created.This course aims to improve your skills of quieting your mind, sleeping peacefully and waking up both mentally and physically refreshed, so you can be at your productive best.

During The 10 Day Sleep Challenge, a few myths about sleep will be busted and you will gain the best and simplest tips gleaned from years of Beatrix working with private clients on their sleep problems.

The 10 Day Sleep Challenge, consists of easy to follow videos, handouts, quizzes and surveys with simple action steps to address the most common sleep related issues, that Beatrix has come across when working with CEOs, senior executives and entrepreneurs. Learn how to improve your sleep and wake up refreshed in the morning.