Test Team Leadership - Module 13 - Reporting

Test Team Leadership - Module 13 - Reporting

Planit Testing
Updated May 20, 2020

Gain test team management skills to become a leader!

Want to effectively manage testers, test activities and the test strategy? In this Test Team Leadership course, you will learn the necessary leadership skills to lead testers and testing projects to better outcomes.

Essential skills such test plan implementation, estimation, change management, incident management and test completion reporting are covered in the course. Best practices around communication, conflict resolution, appraisal and training will help you to manage your teams to successful outcomes.

Target Audience

Test Team Leadership is designed for:

  • Test Managers, Project Managers and IT Managers looking to improve their management leadership skills with test teams.
  • Senior test professionals moving into a leadership role who need the necessary skills for their test management position.

Course Pre-requisites

This Test Team Leadership course has no prerequisites and can be undertaken by anyone currently in or looking to move into a leadership role.

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