Telephone Etiquette for Customer Service

Telephone Etiquette for Customer Service

Updated Jun 08, 2020

Learners listen to effective techniques to successfully interact with customers via the telephone. They also submit their own suggested replies to customers in various scenarios. Topics include general telephone etiquette, dealing with angry callers, working with confused or unsure customers, and managing voicemail. A quiz completes this customer service activity.

Course Objective:

To equip the delegates with the necessary skills and knowledge in order to enhance the professional image of the organisation.

Programme Framework:

• What do people want to hear and experience when phoning your company?

• Benefits of efficient telephone skills

• The telephone is not always the most appropriate way of communicating

• Learn to relax – tension is registered in the voice

• How to use your voice effectively over the telephone

• The right choice of words over the telephone

• Cultivate a positive attitude – it can be heard over the phone

• Be attentive to your posture when using the telephone

• Use correct telephone behaviour: assertiveness, passiveness or aggressiveness

• Learn to listen effectively over the telephone

• Dealing with difficult/challenging situations and callers

• Security/Confidentiality and the telephone

• Telephone procedures:

• Answering the phone

• Answering a colleague’s phone

• Putting a call through

• Using the hold function

• Dealing with two callers at once

• Making and returning calls

• Screening calls

• Leaving and taking messages