Take PRIDE in your work

Take PRIDE in your work

Seven Dimensions
Updated Jan 21, 2020

Eve explores taking pride in delivering excellence, ensuring you stand out and succeed, rather than falling into a mindless routine. You will learn how aiming for the very highest standard – Personal Responsibility In Delivering Excellence – gives you a fantastic feeling and people notice and want to work with you.

Key Learning Points
Pride comes when we strive for an excellent standard of work:
•    P – Personal
•    R – Responsibility
•    I – In
•    D – Delivering
•    E – Excellence

This course is part of the 2 Minutes To Success Series created by Psychologist Eve Ash. A series of two minute microlearning programs from psychology experts with practical advice and techniques to help you tackle workplace problems and be more productive less stressed improve your image and regain control of your life. There are programs to deal with challenging people and situations and strategies for professional development and managing yourself and others.