System Design and Web Application Architecture

System Design and Web Application Architecture

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Updated Mar 04, 2021

This video course covers everything you need to understand the basics of #system_design​, examining both practical skills that will help you get a job as well as lower level details to help you get a deeper understanding of the concepts. You will start off by learning why huge companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and others needed to use distributed systems in the 1st place. We'll then look at the pros and cons of distributed systems, how to scale web applications, and then look at the individual components used in system design. Finally we'll end with an interview style system design question by designing Youtube. 

⭐ Table of Contents ⭐

0:00​ Intro

1:20​ What are distributed systems

10:14​ Performance metrics for system design

20:05​ Back of envelope math

36:49​ Horizontal vs Vertical scaling

45:02​ Load balancers

53:25​ Caching

1:10:50​ Database Design and Scaling

1:22:50​ System Design Interview Question