Surviving Stress and Anxiety - Interactive

Surviving Stress and Anxiety - Interactive

Seven Dimensions
Updated May 01, 2020

Surviving Stress and Anxiety is an engaging course from the Cutting Edge team that reminds everyone of the importance of our mental health so we can be productive at work. Stress and anxiety can happen to anyone. We all get anxious and stressed at different times, in different situations. The first step is to recognize when you’re overloaded. We must look for the warning signs and ask for help when feeling stressed or overloaded. In this course, you will learn to stop bottling up stress and discuss and prioritize your concerns and find relaxing ways to be calm. You will also become more attuned to issues with coworkers and care about their issues rather than ignoring their anxieties.

Learning Objectives

Learn to manage stress and anxiety

  • Don’t get emotional when overloaded INSTEAD: Discuss your concerns and prioritize
  • Don’t ignore anxiety in others INSTEAD: Care about people around you
  • Don’t bottle up your stress INSTEAD: Find relaxing ways to be calm
  • Don’t leave it unresolved INSTEAD: Ask for help, see a professional

Target Audience

All staff, Personal use, Managers, Executive