Surviving an Unreliable Colleague - Interactive

Surviving an Unreliable Colleague - Interactive

Seven Dimensions
Updated Apr 30, 2020

Unreliable people are frustrating to work with. This interactive course provides practical strategies to deal with an unreliable colleague that you can learn and implement. Behavioral expert Peter Quarry recommends giving the unreliable colleague feedback, using a simple formula, to explain why their behavior causes problems.

Peter offers a more powerful approach to hold them to account if they continue to be unreliable. You can try appealing to their personal brand and their desire to look good, by getting them to make promises in front of others. Praise them and thank them if they deliver; otherwise hold them to account – all in front of others

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, learners should be able to:

  • Apply some simple strategies to deal with an unreliable colleague
  • Identify specific examples and give them feedback, explaining why it is a problem
  • Use the formula “When you... It’s a problem for me because... In future...”
  • Transform the situation by encouraging them to make promises in front of others and praise them when they deliver
  • Utilize their ‘personal brand’ – leverage their desire to look good
  • Hold them to account – publicly

This interactive course is part of the 2 Minutes To Success Series created by Psychologist Eve Ash. A series of two minute microlearning interactive courses from psychology experts with practical advice and techniques to help you tackle workplace problems and be more productive less stressed improve your image and regain control of your life. There are interactive courses to deal with challenging people and situations and strategies for professional development and managing yourself and others.