Successful Teamwork

Successful Teamwork

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Updated Jul 03, 2020

Course Overview 

The benefits of effective teamwork to an organisation, and to the members of that team can be enormous.

However there are numerous characteristics of a team that determine whether it will be successful or not.

The members of the team need clearly defined roles and the leader or coach has the task of enabling the team to reach a common goal.

Course consists of 7 minutes of video content combined with
assessment questions and interactivity.

Learning Objectives

By completing this video based eLearning program, your staff will learn:

  • Importance of establishing the team goal
  • Individual roles within the team
  • Roles of team leader or coach
  • Importance of communication
  • Potential obstacles to effective teamwork and strategies to overcome them

Target Audience

Aimed at all levels of management and aspiring meeting leaders.

Business Outcomes

The benefits of having your teams all heading in the same direction cannot be understated. Effective teamwork can lead to better productivity, creativity, improved decision making, better communication, cost savings, and improved customer service.


15 to 20 mins