Strategic Customer Care

Strategic Customer Care

Updated Jun 11, 2019

Course Overview

This 12-part online course features instructor-led videos showing you and your customer care team how to increase customer satisfaction and retain more customers. Is there a greater challenge than working on the frontlines of an organization and dealing one-on-one with customers daily? Much hinges on this critical role – from building strong customer relationships to uncovering their ongoing needs, to establishing loyalty, to continued sales. Sandler's Strategic Customer Care program will explore what we do each day in customer facing roles and how to succeed at delivering exceptional service.

Target Audience

Customer Care Representatives

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn effective communication for customer care
  • Learn how to upsell and cross-sell
  • Advanced questioning techniques
  • Telephone and email best practices
  • Dealing with difficult people

Business Outcomes

  • More engaged and skillful staff
  • Better client retention
  • More referrals
  • Repeat customers