Starting with JSON

Starting with JSON

Stone River eLearning
Updated Aug 20, 2019

Course Overview

Any IT professional or casual developer anticipating a solid understanding of how JSON works in open-sourced and private development projects needs to go through this course and absorb all of its content. Anyone desiring to learn how JSON is implemented in software needs the knowledge and demonstrations presented in this course.  This not only includes web mobile and service application developers but also architects UI designers testers and administrators. This course provides a solid understanding of how to effectively participate in a project leveraging JSON data structures.

Target Audience

This course was built for software developers who need to understand how to work with JSON data structures in all development efforts regardless of language framework or library used.

This course is designed for those developers who need to learn JSON to be able to effectively participate in projects implementing the technology. Of course the info presented here is just as valuable for architects testers and product managers as they too should understand how JSON is structured and used in a software development environment.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the world's standard data format: JSON!
  • Learn JSON syntax for objects and arrays
  • Understand JavaScript and JSON's relationship
  • Use JSON with Java and the GSON library
  • Learn the data types that JSON employs
  • Learn to use JSON API's
  • Understand JSON Databases and their benefits
  • Learn how to use JSON utilities to validate your work
  • Discover the benefits of a JSON data integration
  • Understand JSON-based configuration files in frameworks and libraries ... and much much more!


Before taking this course a student should ideally (but not absolutely) have:

A at least a modest knowledge of HTML and JavaScript. Ideally the student should be familiar with JavaScript frameworks and libraries and the Java programming language. If the student has only some or even none of these skills he/she will still benefit from this course greatly but may need to pause a video in progress to perform some additional background research. This is encouraged as it'll only make for a better overall experience and net benefit.