Standardised Work Course

Standardised Work Course

Updated Jul 16, 2019

Course Overview

This Course is a great way to introduce people to the concept of Standardised Work in the workplace. The course will also build upon the knowledge of people already familiar with the subject.

The learner will understand Standardised Work is one of the most powerful but least used lean tools. By documenting the current best practice, standardised work forms the baseline for kaizen or continuous improvement. As the standard is improved, the new standard becomes the baseline for further improvements, and so on. Improving standardised work is a never-ending process. The learner will understand Standardised Work includes:

  • Takt time, which is the rate at which products must be made in a process to meet customer demand.
  • The precise work sequence in which an operator performs tasks within takt time.
  • The standard inventory, including units in machines, required to keep the process operating smoothly.

Target Audience

Intellelearn courses are designed to be both fun and educational. Our courses are fully interactive and with real learning rather than simply 'click-next'!

This course will help people learn the principles of Standardised Work and show how to apply the principles within their work environment.

Learning Objectives

The learner will understand key benefits of Standardised Work including:

  • Removal of wasteful work practices
  • Quicker training of new colleagues
  • Consistent workforce performance
  • Reduction of errors/mistakes

Training outcomes

By the end of the course learners will understand:

  • Health & Safety considerations when creating and using Standard Operating Procedures
  • What standardised operations are and the benefits of using them
  • Be able to analyse an operation or process to identify the safest and optimum method
  • Why operators must contribute and agree the method identified
  • Explain the importance of Standard Operating Procedure training
  • How to revise Standard Operating Procedures as appropriate to ensure their effectiveness in the workplace

Approximate Duration

1 hour