SSIS 2014, Part 02 of 11: Control Flows and Tasks

SSIS 2014, Part 02 of 11: Control Flows and Tasks

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Updated Feb 04, 2020

Control Flows are the backbone of an Integration Services package. They contain the procedural logic that dictates the flow of execution through a package, such as grapping files from a remote server, cleaning out tables in a staging server, validating the files, kicking off the data flows to get the data where it needs to go, and cleaning up afterwards. Each Integration Services Package contains a single logical control flow. That can be as simple a single task or as complex as you need it to be. The Control Flow manages everything that happens in an Integration Services package. In this course you’ll learn about the various elements in a control flow, including tasks, containers, and precedents constraints. Then you’ll learn how to add tasks and configure them using both common elements as well as the unique features of each task. Next the course explores some of the tasks that you likely to use most often with some demos of their capabilities. We’ll wrap things up with a look at precedents constraints with both determine the order at which tasks execute as well as how they define overall work flow of your Integration Services package.

Lesson 1:

  • Elements in a Control Flow
  • Tasks
  • Containers
  • Precedence Constraints
  • Configuring Tasks
  • Task Editor Dialog Box
  • Task Editor Process Page
  • Task Editor Expressions Page
  • Control Flow Tasks
  • Workflow Tasks
  • Data Processing Tasks
  • Scripting Tasks
  • SQL Server Tasks
  • Analysis Services Tasks
  • Maintenance Tasks.

Lesson 2:

  • The Execute SQL Task
  • Demo: Execute SQL Task
  • Demo: Create Table
  • Demo: Execute Table
  • Demo: SQL Task Editor
  • Demo: Configure Connection
  • Demo: Select SQL Query
  • Demo: Populate Table
  • Demo: Execute Package
  • Demo: Execute again.

Lesson 3:

  • File System Task
  • Demo: Adding File System Task
  • Demo: Configure Task
  • Demo: Execute Task
  • Demo: Output Warnings.

Lesson 4:

  • Demo: Implementing FTP Task
  • Demo: Add FTP Task
  • Demo: Task Editor
  • Demo: Configure FTP Properties
  • Demo: Report Path
  • Check Files.

Lesson 5:

  • Demo: Send Mail Task
  • Demo: Add Connection type
  • Demo: Add Send Mail Task
  • Demo: Configure SMT
  • Demo: Fix Mail Options.

Lesson 6:

  • Precedence Constraints
  • Creating Precedence Constraints
  • Implementing Precedence Constraints
  • Precedence Constraint Options
  • Demo: Precedence Constraints
  • Demo: One More Constraint
  • Recommendations.