Spring Boot 2.0 in 7 Days

Spring Boot 2.0 in 7 Days

Packt Admin
Updated Nov 13, 2019

Spring Boot is the fastest way to get a Spring application up-and-running with the fewest lines of code and the least configuration. It aims to make development easy so you can create production-grade applications and services. You will learn to do this in 7 days and create stand-alone Java applications or traditional web application resource deployments. 

This course is your perfect guide to rapidly developing enterprise-grade applications with Spring Boot. It will kick-start the task of achieving your business goals with Spring Boot. You will spend more time understanding your customers' needs and less time building applications to address them. 

You will be amazed how much you have learnt about Spring Boot 2. 0 and its applications in just a week. 

Target Audience

This course is for Java developers who want to build Spring Boot applications. No prior knowledge of Spring Boot is needed. A basic knowledge of Spring would be helpful but not mandatory.