Sources of Feedback

Sources of Feedback

Updated May 25, 2018

While giving feedback may be an essential part of your role, how you give feedback will ultimately determine your effectiveness and success as a leader. Although there are a number of techniques for giving feedback, the first thing you should know is the source of feedback available to you. That is, how should you approach a particular person to ensure the person is ready and willing to listen? Sounds difficult? It’s actually pretty easy. All you need to know are the three sources of feedback and how to apply them, and this course will teach you how. This course presents the key sources of feedback, teaching you to use them and in what situations, thus building your capabilities to give better feedback. By completing this course, you will understand where you can tap into your feedback power and put it to use. This course has been approved for 1 hour of PDU credit from PMI (Project Management Institute). An Elearning! Magazine Excellence Award Winner: Management Development Learning Track.