Social Media, Screens & Teens

Social Media, Screens & Teens

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Updated May 04, 2021

WhIf you follow the news, it might seem as if there’s always a new report about how social media and screen usage negatively affects teens. Issues like cyberbullying and sleep problems can occur as a result of social media, and they may seriously impact teens’ mental and physical health. Yet, there are also many great upsides to using social media and digital devices, such as developing stronger friendships and connections, and reducing feelings of isolation. It’s about finding a good, healthy balance.

What does this course cover?

  • Recognise the positive effects social media has on teens’ well-being
  • Describe the negative impacts of social media and excessive screen time
  • List social media good practices and ways to develop healthy screen habits

Why should I take this course?

Whether a teen yourself, a parent, or caregiver, this course will help you to explore the positive and negative effects of social media and screen use. It will also provide tips on how to develop and maintain a healthy relationship with social media and digital devices.