SmartMouth OnDemand SkillBuilding - Be Influential

SmartMouth OnDemand SkillBuilding - Be Influential

SmartMouth Communications
Updated Sep 20, 2019


Do you need to make a presentation in which you will need to influence, persuade or convince people? In this 15-minute course, you will learn how to identify and articulate what you want to achieve with your presentation, and you will discover tools and techniques for being influential – and impressive – with your audiences. Public speaking may not be your favorite activity, but it is a career-builder! Check outSmartMouth'sSpeechBuildertool, which is an added resource in every course. TheSpeechBuilderprompts you to fill in the blanks and create either an outline or a full presentation. It's a paint-by-numbers solution for public speakers!

Course Objectives

  • Drives you to identify and articulate your desired outcome or "win" for your presentation.
  • Describes how to create messages that achieve your win while engaging your audience.
  • Demonstrates techniques for appearing more confident while speaking.