Slips, Trips & Falls (CPD certified)

Slips, Trips & Falls (CPD certified)

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Updated Nov 26, 2019

Course Overview

Like me, you’re probably an avid fan of those videos which show people falling over. From a bride going head first into a swimming pool, to a toddler tripping over a yapping dog in the garden, they’re all great, aren’t they? I think they call that schadenfreude. It just never gets old; that’s why shows like ‘You’ve Been Framed’ and ‘Rude Tube’ exist.

But did you know that slips, trips and falls are the leading cause of major injuries in the workplace? If you don’t pay attention to this course, you could be the next casualty. As funny as it might be for any onlooker, how does weeks of agony at every move sound, or worse? It’s not a pleasant thought, so you need to start taking it seriously.

Target Audience

General Audience / All Levels

Learning Outcomes

  • What causes slips and trips?
  • Assessing the risks
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Good and bad practices
  • Consequences of slips and trips injuries

Business Outcomes

Most slips, trips and falls can be easily avoided. So, if you want to stay out of that A&E waiting room, you’d better take this course instead. It’s soooo much better than sitting next to someone spluttering all over you for 10 hours and an itchy cast to look forward to, trust me.