Skills for Answering Questions - Job Interview Success Series

Skills for Answering Questions - Job Interview Success Series

Seven Dimensions
Updated Mar 08, 2019

Job interviews are based on a wide range of questions. Learn how to give winning responses and create an opportunity to weave in your strengths and sell yourself. Hear some good answers to difficult questions, including behavioural based scenario questions.

Key Learning Points

  • Don’t wait for questions – be responsive!
  • Focus on skills, strengths and experience
  • Explain short term jobs or lack of experience
  • Give good reasons for wanting this job
  • Give good reasons for leaving last job
  • Why should you get this job?
  • Turn weaknesses into strengths
  • Describe leadership qualities
  • Clearly identify roles and duties in past jobs
  • Know your goals and future plans
  • Describe good customer service
  • How would you handle this situation?
  • Be ready to describe conflict situations from your past

This video is part of the Job Interview Success Series. A dynamic series uses a variety of case studies and examples, with excellent advice and practical information to help ensure success at a wide range of interviews. A must for everyone wanting to succeed at job interviews, especially young people and those who lack confidence.

Target Audience

Managers, Youth, All staff, Community