Silver Service Techniques

Silver Service Techniques

Silver service dining experiences demand a high level of service from wait staff. This course will help you discover the key skills and techniques needed to master silver service. Before starting this course, make sure you have a dish with some scrap food and a fork and spoon so that you can practice the techniques in the video.

Professional Hospitality Training
Updated Apr 12, 2019

Course Overview

The technique of silver service is often used for banqueting service and is a highly sought after professional skill. To get the most from this module have a dish with some scrap food and a serving spoon and fork ready and you can join in the exercises that the module contains. Practice makes perfect!

Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate how to hold a spoon and fork to serve food
  • Adjust the hold for different foods
  • Demonstrate moving food from the serving dish to a customer plate
  • Identify hygiene and health and safety standards

Target Audience

Operational front of house staff in hotels and restaurants to develop their knowledge and skills in key aspects of food service. This module is a separate module from the Food Service course and can be used according to training needs. Modules are ideal for new staff into the industry to support on job training in house or can be used by individuals wishing to gain some knowledge of food service in order to apply for a job.