Sharing Essential Project Information

Sharing Essential Project Information

Ensure a project's success by setting out clear guidelines for the communication of information

Updated Aug 28, 2017

A successful project requires many things to happen, one of which is lots of communication. There must be consistent and clear communication from you to your team members, to stakeholders, and your customers just to name a few. Communication matters. Without it, team members don’t have the information they need to complete their work on time or to adjust to changing circumstances. Projects get bogged down and deadlines slip. One way to avoid these undesired communication issues is to determine ahead of time how certain communication needs will be met. This includes how team members will share key information, task updates, and unexpected situations. When communication expectations are laid out with the team you reinforce the importance of communicating and keeping everyone informed. Creating a strong culture that encourages and rewards communication will always benefit you and the team.