SharePoint 2013 App Model, Part 1 of 2: Development Choices

SharePoint 2013 App Model, Part 1 of 2: Development Choices

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Updated Aug 22, 2018

Course description

In this course will take a look at the history of SharePoint development then we’ll take a look at the tools you has a developer will use to create applications for SharePoint 2013. First we’ll look at Visual Studio and SharePoint support built into it. Then we’ll move on Napa, this is a new tool and it offers some very exciting options for SharePoint application development. As the course continues we’ll then look at some of the development choices you have through SharePoint solutions, guidance, upgrades and maintenance. Next we’ll look at SharePoint Apps, touching upon guidance, deployment and different deployment options, like on premise servers’ cloud and Office 365.

Each LearnNowOnline training course is made up of Modules (typically an hour in length). Within each module there are Topics (typically 15-30 minutes each) and Subtopics (typically 2-5 minutes each). There is a Post Exam for each Module that must be passed with a score of 70% or higher to successfully and fully complete the course.


This course assumes that students have some Web development background and some experience using Visual Studio 2013. It is also very helpful to have a basic understanding of SharePoint concepts and out of box features. These concepts are not directly required for SharePoint development but are extremely helpful for evaluating where and when to utilize existing functionality instead of re-inventing functionality.

Meet the expert

Philip Wheat

Philip Wheat is an industry veteran who has been active in the computer industry for over 20 years. With experience stretching back to the beginnings of the PC era, he has remained active on the leading edges of technology, focusing on embedded systems, knowledge management, and sensor technologies. He is one of the few who has worked with SharePoint since the original beta, has built his own microprocessor, and has had robotics projects featured in the press and TV shows around the world.

Video Runtime

66 Minutes

Time to complete

172 Minutes

Course Outline

SharePoint Development

SharePoint History (24:57)

  • Introduction (00:41)
  • History of SharePoint Dev (11:37)
  • History of SharePoint Dev 2 (08:36)
  • History of SharePoint Dev 3 (03:45)
  • Summary (00:16)

SharePoint Tools (10:50)

  • Introduction (00:15)
  • Tools (02:53)
  • Tools: Visual Studio (01:58)
  • Tools: Napa (05:28)
  • Summary (00:15)
Development Choices

Installation (08:54)

  • Introduction (00:18)
  • SharePoint Solutions (00:18)
  • Guidance (03:50)
  • Upgrades (01:52)
  • Maintenance (02:21)
  • Summary (00:12)

Workflow (08:42)

  • Introduction (00:21)
  • SharePoint Workflows (00:21)
  • Scale (03:17)
  • Scope (02:34)
  • Maintenance (01:50)
  • Summary (00:16)

SharePoint Apps (12:51)

  • Introduction (00:19)
  • SharePoint Apps (00:20)
  • Guidence (05:45)
  • Deployment (02:51)
  • OnPrem/Cloud/O365 (03:19)
  • Summary (00:13)