Safeguarding Children – for Health (Level 1)

Safeguarding Children – for Health (Level 1)

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Updated Aug 26, 2019

Course Overview

This Safeguarding Children for Health Level 1 course will give you a good grounding in Safeguarding Children. It will explain child abuse awareness, how to recognise abuse and neglect, what to do if you’re a health professional with concerns about the children under your care as well as how to respond to a disclosure.

However, if you’re a member of staff who might be contributing to assessing, planning, intervening in and reviewing the needs of a child and parenting capacity where there are safeguarding concerns; and/or are responsible for making safeguarding referrals to the Police and Children’s Social Care, you may want to consider our Safeguarding

Children for Health (Levels 1 and 2) course instead.

On completion of the course, you will automatically get a certificate, containing your name, CPD hours, the date and learning objectives.

You’ll also have access to additional resource materials, useful links and a refresher guide to keep for future reference."

Target Audience

The Health Safeguarding Framework identifies 6 levels of competence, and gives examples of groups that fall within each if these.

This course is intended for staff groups in Levels 1 and 2, i.e.:

Level 1: All non-clinical staff working in health care settings

This includes: receptionists, administrative, catering, transport and maintenance staff.

Level 2: All clinical staff who have any contact with children, young people and/or parents/carers.

This includes health care students, clinical laboratory staff, pharmacists , ambulance staff, dentists, dental care practitioners, audiologists, opticians, adult physicians, surgeons, anaesthetists, radiologists, nurses working in adult acute/community services (including practice nurses), allied health care practitioners and all other adult orientated secondary care health care professionals, including technicians.

Learning Objectives

Once you’ve completed this course, you’ll have a knowledge of:

  • The background, legal basis, key principles of and definition for safeguarding, child protection and child abuse
  • The importance of serious case reviews and Local Safeguarding Children’s Boards
  • The concept of significant harm and what to do if you suspect child abuse is taking place
  • Who abuses children and why
  • The definitions of physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse and neglect
  • The causes of abuse and how to recognise signs of abuse from the victim and perpetrator
  • The effects of abuse on children
  • How to and how not to respond to concerns that a child is at risk of harm
  • What information to record and what to do if you have concerns
  • How to respond to a disclosure or allegation of abuse or neglect