Run a Successful Remote Team Meeting

Run a Successful Remote Team Meeting

Updated Oct 16, 2020

What you'll learn

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Running online meetings is no piece of cake. But with the right approach and energy, you can master them. Yes, you CAN develop strong facilitation skills for virtual meetings. Yes, you CAN ensure that you lead morning stand-up meetings, buzz sessions, briefings and any meeting in a structured way that still maintains attention, participation and engagement. We’ll show you how to engage your team by creating a strong presence that ensures no one drops off or gets lost along the way. These tools will help yougain credibility with them and build a team that is fully accountable for their action plans.

This session covers the must-have tips for successfully leading any kind of team meeting.

What you’ll learn:

● 5 Ps of planning to lead a successful virtual meeting:

○ Identify the Participants

○ Understand the Purpose of the meeting

○ Be fully aware of the Product / outcome of the meeting

○ Determine if there are going to be any potential Problems

○ Be Prepared in the process you will follow.

● Set your agenda and ensure that the right people are in the virtual room.

● Diverge and Converge: Giving everyone a voice, and then making action plans to move forward.