Ruby (Part 6 of 6): Error Handling, Frameworks, and Algorithms

Ruby (Part 6 of 6): Error Handling, Frameworks, and Algorithms

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Updated Feb 04, 2020

Ruby expert Jordan Hudgens covers error handling, web frameworks, and algorithms in Ruby in this course. He will begin with a walk through the syntax for basic error handing, emphasizing best practices, followed by a review of the two most popular web frameworks for Ruby: Sinatra and Rails. Hudgens will show how to build two web applications, with the Rails app being a functional blog that includes full CRUD features, and then walk through implementing popular algorithms in Ruby and building the insertion sort and quicksort algorithms. Finally, he will discuss creating a binary search program.

Lesson 1:

  • What Is Error Handling?
  • Begin/Rescue
  • Demo: Error Handling.

Lesson 2:

  • Antipatterns
  • Demo: Antipatterns.

Lesson 3:

  • Error Logger
  • Demo: Error Logger.

Lesson 4:

  • Sinatra
  • Demo: Sinatra
  • Demo: Parameters.

Lesson 5:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Demo: Getting Started
  • Demo: Migration
  • Demo: Preview Blog.

Lesson 6:

  • Why Learn Algorithms?
  • Algorithm Development
  • Demo: Insertion Sort
  • Demo: While Loop
  • Demo: Test Insertion Sort.

Lesson 7:

  • Sorting Algorithms - Quicksort
  • Demo: Quicksort
  • Demo: Test Quicksort.

Lesson 8:

  • Binary Search
  • Demo: Binary Search
  • Demo: Test Binary Search.