Ruby (Part 1 of 6): Introduction and Classes

Ruby (Part 1 of 6): Introduction and Classes

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Updated Feb 04, 2020

Join programming expert Jordan Hudgens for an introduction to the Ruby programming language. In this course, he will demonstrate what makes Ruby unique as a language and how it can be leveraged to build robust applications. Hudgens will also provide a step-by-step guide on how to install Ruby on various operating systems as well teach you best practices to ensure that you are building programs that fall within guidelines of the wider Ruby development community.

Lesson 1:

  • History of Ruby
  • Tools We'll Use
  • Demo: Sublime Text
  • Demo: IRB
  • Installing Ruby on a PC
  • Demo: RubyInstaller for PC
  • Installing Ruby on a Mac
  • Demo: Ruby on Mac
  • Ruby on a Mac + RVM
  • Demo: RVM.

Lesson 2:

  • Common Ruby Conventions
  • Demo: Ruby Styles
  • Ruby Best Practices
  • Demo: Best Practices.

Lesson 3:

  • Ruby Classes
  • Demo: Creating a Class
  • Class Accessor Methods
  • Demo: Accessor Methods
  • Inheritance
  • Demo: Inheritance
  • Demo: Inheritance Cont..

Lesson 4:

  • Methods
  • Demo: Passing Arguments
  • Demo: Optional and Splat
  • Class vs. Instance Methods
  • Demo: Class vs. Instance.

Lesson 5:

  • Object Oriented Nature
  • Demo: Check for Objects
  • Method Lookup
  • Polymorphism
  • Demo: Polymorphism.