Roles of Leadership

Roles of Leadership

Learn how to effectively inspire trust among your team members.

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Updated Jul 07, 2020

Many managers are promoted to leadership positions by virtue of their technical skills or subject-matter knowledge. Their proficiency and expertise set them apart from other candidates. These abilities are important, but they are just one aspect of being an effective leader. Leadership expert, Stephen Covey, says that due to the speed and constant change that define our world today, leaders need to be able to face new and different problems as they arise, make strategic decisions quickly, and guide their organizations with competence and character. He has identified four roles a leader must master in order to succeed in this ever-changing environment.


0.25 hours, Continuing Education Units (CEU) from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

0.25 hours, Continuing Education Units (CEU) from the HR Certificate Institute (HRCI)