Risk Assessment & Management Techniques

Risk Assessment & Management Techniques

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Updated Jul 08, 2019

Risk Assessment and Management Techniques

Today, risk management is different. It's a planned process designed to identify, mitigate, and evaluate our exposure to risk. Risk assessment is a stage of risk management. Controls are specific activities undertaken to reduce exposure to risk

In this course, we'll clarify the difference between risk management and risk assessment. We'll also describe a five step process commonly used in risk management, and then highlight basic categories of risk controls and assessments.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • What is a risk assessment, and why would we prepare one?
  • Understand how to carry out a risk assessment
  • Understand the general principles of prevention
  • Understand the Hierarchy of Controls
  • Learn how a risk assessment determines the most likely impacts so that contingency plans can be developed to prevent or mitigate them.
  • Identify the types of activities that will be undertaken to reduce the probability of a negative outcome.
  • Implement the controls selected
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the controls.