RF 10 Retail Math

RF 10 Retail Math

Understand and define key measures that are used to analyze and manage a retail business.

Joanne Neidorf
Updated Aug 08, 2020

This course introduces and defines key measures used to analyze and manage a retail business, including:

  • Variance
  • % Contribution or % Mix
  • Sell-Thru
  • Average Selling Price
  • Initial Mark-Up/Mark-Up
  • Gross Margin
  • Average Inventory
  • Inventory Turn
  • Weeks of Supply
  • POS Markdowns
  • PERM Markdowns

It also provides examples of how to interpret and use these measures.

Target Audience:

Anyone responsible for running a retail business, including retail Merchants/Buyers, Merchandise Planners and their assistants or analysts.