Retail Selling Skills - Caring for the Customer

Retail Selling Skills - Caring for the Customer

Channel 1 Creative Media
Updated Feb 27, 2019

Course Overview 

Closing the sale is perhaps one of the most challenging and stressful parts of the sales process. A simple reason for this is that nobody likes to be rejected. Salespeople become afraid of getting a no. Ironically, until you ask, all you have is a no. With the aid of a scenario, this training video provides viewers with several practical tips on how to better improve their chances of closing a sale.

Learning Objectives

Viewers will learn the importance of: Body language and buying signals, Timing and Well structured questions.

Target Audience

The information within this video can be applied to any sales situation. Business Outcomes Employing a workforce well versed in effectively closing sales gently and expertly is key to maximising retail sales. Every retail organisation has its customers. They're the people who buy or rely on our products, ideas or services. No matter where you work, they are the reason for us being there and the standard of customer service we provide to them is vital for success.


 2 Minutes