Respiratory Protection

Respiratory Protection

Develop in-depth knowledge on respirators, their safe use, and how to react in case of a respiratory emergency

Vivid Learning
Updated Aug 16, 2018

Certain industrial work environments threaten respiratory health; people who work in construction, manufacturing, agriculture, and other industries will be inevitably exposed to respiratory hazards on the job. By performing tasks where irritating dust, chemical fumes, and other airborne contaminants are present in harmful concentrations, or where the percentage of oxygen is insufficient, these workers have to be mindful of the air they are breathing.

The goal of this lesson is to teach workers the purpose of respirators, the factors that influence respirator effectiveness, and the limitations and capabilities of different types of respirators. Workers will learn the employer’s responsibilities for respirator use in the workplace, the preparations required before respirators are to be used, and their maintenance and storage requirements. Workers will also learn when it is permissible to leave a respirator use area, the warning signs that a respirator is not functioning properly, and how respirator emergencies and malfunctions should be handled.