Remote Workforce Management During and Post Covid-19

Remote Workforce Management During and Post Covid-19

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Updated May 03, 2021

We have learned a lot about managing remote teams in recent times. Many of us were thrown into it with little or no pre-planning. Managers had to pick up a lot of the pieces and run with delivering for the organisation at the same time. Individuals struggled to adapt while working from home and juggling work and home at the same time. It is time now to take a step back and process what has happened for managers, personally, in our role as a manager and within our teams, and plan where to go from here.

It started as a crisis. It became a sprint to ‘survive’ and now it is time to look to the marathon and focus on ‘thriving’, as individuals, managers, teams and organisations. But we can’t sprint a marathon. During these workshops managers will take time to reflect on what has been learned, what to take forward and what to leave behind. And start to think about what the future looks like and how to get there.