Recruitment 101 from Emerald Works

Recruitment 101 from Emerald Works

Emerald Works
Updated May 20, 2020

About Recruitment 101 from Emerald Works:

This interactive self study e-learning course provides an introduction to recruitment. Using a range of realistic examples, scenarios and challenges, it is the ideal starting point to begin building your recruitment skills. 

Recruitment 101 is for anyone looking for a clear, easy to understand introduction to recruitment. It is part of Emerald Works' 101 Suite, designed to help you build your personal effectiveness as a manager or leader.

By completing Recruitment 101 you will be able to:

  • articulate why it's important to build your recruitment skills 
  • detail what good recruitment looks like 
  • list the skills you need to add value to the recruitment process 
  • practise your recruitment skills 
  • develop an action plan to take your recruitment learning further