Recruiting High Achievers – Interactive

Recruiting High Achievers – Interactive

Seven Dimensions
Updated Jul 10, 2020

Recruiting High Achievers is a course providing a path towards hiring the best candidates through consistent behavioral questions, careful listening and probing. All organizations want high achievers, but don’t always hire the best people for the job. Jan Durrans, Executive Vice-president, Chief of Staff and Chief Performance Officer at AXOS Bank, discusses with Eve Ash her tips for recruiting the best people. These include taking a holistic review of recruitment strategy (each element builds a more complete picture that allows you to come to your decision), sorting the problem-solvers from the problem bringers, asking probing questions and fact-checking interview candidates, and ensuring consistency of interview approach.

Once this course is completed, will have learned how to hire the best candidate through probing behavioral questions, careful listening and fact checking. You will know how to analyze the characteristics of your high achievers and use this is hiring more people with those attributes. You will be hiring more problem solvers, and less problem bringers.

Learning Objectives

  • Apply powerful strategies to recruit high achievers
  • Identify characteristics of high performers and recruit problem solvers not problem bringers
  • Utilize behavioral interview questions
  • Complete pre-hire assessments prior to interview
  • Critically review and confirm resume details and probe to uncover the real person
  • Achieve consistency in interviews, reference checking and follow-up