Recognize Accomplishments and Contribution

Recognize Accomplishments and Contribution

Motivate employees and foster a healthy work environment through the recognition of employee achievements

Updated Aug 28, 2017

Everyone, no matter what our role is or where we work, wants to know our work is valued and appreciated. Knowing our manager, co-workers, and customers believe we are working hard and doing well is important. This helps us know we are making a difference and that we are valued for what we do. That’s why, as a manager, it is essential for you to recognize the achievements of each of your employees. Employees are motivated when they receive feedback regarding what they are doing well and how they are making a positive impact. When recognized, employees tend to work harder and perform better. When employees do not receive recognition for their work, they may wonder if they are doing anything well and may believe their time and work is not valued. As a result, a lack of recognition can lead to a lower level of performance, as well as a lower level of commitment to one’s job and the organization.

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