Python Fundamentals

Python Fundamentals

Stone River eLearning
Updated May 09, 2021

The Python Fundamentals course is a beginner level course designed to teach the basic and essential concepts of the Python programming language. The Python programming language is emerging as a very powerful, flexible, and simple programming tool for building all manner of applications. In this course, the students will learn about Python and writing basic scripts. From there on, the course moves on to many of the language features needed in all applications, and then explore some intermediate functionality.

This Python programming language course is a perfect course for developers, testers, and other technical people who need to learn the fundamental parts of the Python language and learn them thoroughly. This course teaches the language without the complications of more advanced topics and focuses on the basic and essential components to enable the students to write the codes in Python. The course is ideal to get a quick start in the Python programming and to undertake more advanced courses to enhance the knowledge gained in this course.