Providing Effective Internal Customer Service

Providing Effective Internal Customer Service

Many organisations rely on internal customer service operations to equip employees to better serve external customers. This course covers the importance of internal customer service and explores how you can best serve internal customers to achieve business success. You will learn about the different types of internal customers, how to manage their expectations, and the importance of building relationships with internal customers.

Updated Mar 11, 2018
When you do things to help other people within your company do their jobs better, you are providing internal customer service. The quality of that service often has a huge impact on the overall quality of client service (CS) delivered to external customers. In this course, you'll learn about types of internal customers and how to identify internal customer relationships. You'll also learn about the importance of getting to know your internal customers, identifying their expectations of you, and taking action on those expectations. Finally, you'll learn guidelines for providing internal customer service excellence.