Protected Premises

Protected Premises

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Updated Aug 01, 2019

Your organisation’s premises should be treated like a castle. Your organisation holds a lot of data including confidential, sensitive and private information. Do you really want anyone walking around helping themselves?

Learn how you can adopt simple steps into your everyday routine to increase safety and security for your organisation’s premises.

Organisations of all sizes- perfect for end users who use any form of IT equipment e.g. computers

Protect your organisation’s premises by learning:

  • The methods of keeping your organisation’s premises safe.
  • The potential threats to your organisation’s premises and ways of countering them.
  • How to deal with unfamiliar faces in your organisation’s premises.
  • Let’s get started and protect your organisation’s premises!

Business Outcomes

  • Helps to acheive compliance with ISO27001
  • Creates a strong human firewall
  • Influences behavioural change.
  • Keeps employees compliant.