Project Management Essentials

Project Management Essentials

This course is for anyone who wants learn project management skills, setting business goals, organisation and problem solving skills.

Skill Path
Updated Jul 02, 2019

Course Overview

Top businesses–and the leaders who run them–realize that project management is a key element in nearly everything they accomplish. Better quality, lower costs, shorter turnarounds, higher ROI, and the list goes on. Now, with one easy program, you can add “project manager” to your skill set and see your career success grow and your professional satisfaction reach new heights–while your stress levels fade away.

Here’s a sample of the high-impact topics covered in this critical course

  • The first step you must take that gives your project the best chance of success
  • Seven key areas to consider when setting business or personal goals
  • Breaking down the constraints–and risks–you must consider on every project
  • The best tools to keep you organized and ensure your data works for you
  • Problem solving methods that let you bring your projects to a smooth, on-time conclusion

The skills taught in this hour-long course will allow you to build a precise blueprint of any job you-re assigned, and then lead you through each step, from setting your goals to celebrating you triumphant results.

Program Guide

Module 1:InitiationModule

Module 2:Planning and Execution

Module 3:Monitoring and Controlling

Module 4:Closing