Problem Solving

Problem Solving

In this course you will learn how to use data to identify issues, establish effective problem solving teams, and have the skills to quickly and effectively solve problems.

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Updated Oct 17, 2018

Course Description 

Problem-solving is an important skill to have in both your personal and professional life. The ability to identify and resolve issues saves time and money, making you a valuable asset to any organisation. This problem-solving course will teach you to use data to identify issues, how to establish effective problem-solving teams, and how to strucutre processes in order to solve such problems for good.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand problems and how to permanently solve them 
  • Be able to structure a problem solving process for success 
  • Have the skills to use data to illustrate a situation 
  • Have the skills, tools and methods for quick and effective problem solving 
  • Be able to put together a successful team for problem solving

Who is this course for? 

Anyone with an interest in Lean or improving processes or projects.

Course Duration

5 hours