Problem-solving: Tools and Methods - Part B

Problem-solving: Tools and Methods - Part B

Addressing the problem resolution process using practical tools that you can transfer easily to your own context.

Cegos Training
Updated Nov 20, 2018

Managers have numerous problems to solve on a daily basis. To be effective they need to clarify the problem determine the probable causes and provide appropriate solutions. In this module you are going to follow a method that will help you through a succession of key steps and associated tools to structure your ideas and thoughts and be more effective in your problem solving approach.

This course will cover:

  • Choosing the best solution (effectiveness grid and decision matrix).
  • Using indicators to monitor short and medium term progress.

Target Audience

Anyone who wants to find a long-term resolution to a problem, individually or in a group.


It is recommended that you first work through Part A of this course.


PMI accreditation: earn 0.5 PDU points from PMI.