Privacy for health professionals

Privacy for health professionals

This 4 hour interactive course is aimed at nurses, midwives and managers. It provides specifics for healthcare practitioners on the legal and ethical duties to keep client information confidential. It also details legal exceptions, including how they can be applied.

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Updated Jun 26, 2019

Course Overview

Covering all aspects of privacy for healthcare practitioners, this course details legal and ethical duties and provides summaries of cases involving breaches of privacy that courts have dealt with.

This course is written by healthcare content experts, has been peer reviewed and reviewed by a lawyer.

Target Audience

Nurses, midwives and managers

Learning Objectives

In this course, participants will learn about how to apply the Australian Privacy Principles to practice - protecting healthcare consumers and each other from breaches whilst optimising healthcare through the appropriate and lawful sharing of information.

Particpants will learn when exceptions to the rules apply, what action can or must be taken when a breach occurs, and the systems required to support the trust between a healthcare practitioner and consumer.

Business outcomes

Maintaining the privacy of personal health information in a complex and evolving healthcare environment requires continual training of all those involved. Having a thorough knowledge of when and how personal health information may be shared strengthens teams and improves the quality of care provided. 

This course provides training in all aspects of managing the privacy of personal health information, inlcuding a step by step guide to managing breaches and the requiremetns of the Data Breach Notifications scheme.  

This course meets requirements for the provision of training in privacy as required by Accreditation standards. The course covers all jurisdictions and allows particpants to select their state or territory to move through the legal requirements and case based scenarios.